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CFP® Certification Exam
CFP Certification Exam : Results
01. Exam results
The application results are announced about 3 weeks after the CFP certification exam period ends.
You can check the corresponding exam results (success or failure) after logging in at FPSB Korea's website. Analysis of the exam by subject appears in table form with the examinee's total average appear on the website.
The scores of the examinees and exam questions are not open to the public. Requests for confirmation of the exam results by phone or fax are not entertained.
02. Disciplinary policy and procedures for exam misconduct
Unfair practices including procuration, leak of exam questions or similar attempts, noncompliance with a proctor's fair order, disruption of exam processing, falsification of exam application, and other activities deemed unfair by FPSB Korea are considered inappropriate, in which case the exam result is nullified even if the examinee passes the exam, and application for an AFPK certification exam is prohibited for a maximum of 3 years from the date that the corresponding unfair practice occurred.
The following are detailed examples of exam misconduct:
  1. Conversing with other examinees during an exam
  2. Looking furtively at the answer of the other examinee or showing one's answer to another examinee
  3. Continuing to write on the answer sheet after the end of the exam
  4. Leaving the exam room in the middle of the exam period before permission is granted
  5. Not submitting the answer sheet or damaging it
  6. Carrying prohibited materials into the exam room instead of submitting them before the start of the exam, and/or using them (prohibited materials: all digital devices such as mobile phones, beepers, communication tools such as PDAs, MP3 players, cameras, tools equipped with a camera function, digital dictionaries, digital calculators for engineering, radios, walkmans, recorders, earphones, etc.)
  7. Writing notes on a desk or wall, or carrying notes, cheat sheets, or books
  8. Exchanging or showing one's answer sheets with another examinee
  9. Forcing another examinee to show his/her answer sheet
  10. Getting help from a person inside/outside the exam site
  11. Taking an exam after finding out the questions in advance
  12. Exchanging the names or seat numbers with another examinee. In case one is proven to have written another examinee's name or seat number, either purposefully or by accident, the exam will not be scored for the corresponding class
  13. Acting as a procurator for an examinee or letting another examinee act as a procurator
  14. Taking notes on the exam questions, photographing or recording them, or not returning part or all the question sheets, or attempting to do such
  15. Using a forged or altered ID card to take an exam
  16. Exchanging notes with other examinees, exchanging signs using gestures or sounds, or conspiring with the proctor to make him/her serve as a lookout
  17. Not following the proctor's fair order or threatening him/her
  18. Other activities deemed by the proctor as unfair
  19. Taking an exam using other unfair and unjust methods or performing activities aimed at disrupting the exam
  20. Activity that is later regarded to be a type of misconduct
03. Rescoring and matters subject to appeal
To prevent the leak of exam questions and for the security of the exam, the exam questions and answer sheets are not open to the public. Note, however, that a examinee raising a formal appeal against the results can apply for a rescoring of the answer sheet with FPSB Korea within 7 days of the announcement date of the exam results. FPSB Korea will inform the results of a rescoringt to appealer within one week of receipt.
In case an error is discovered in rescoring an exam result, FPSB Korea performs corrective measures for all examinees as well as those applying for rescoring and makes a corresponding announcement.
In addition, to express an opinion on an error in an exam question or on other exam-related matters, please apply through FPSB Korea's website. The examination subcommittee reviews the received opinion; if the examination subcommittee decides that the received opinion is reasonable, and if FPSB Korea acknowledges such, proper measures are taken.
04. Re-issuance of  the confirmation of exam results
A confirmation of exam results can be re-issued after logging in at FPSB Korea's website. Please note that exam results by subject are not provided for exams before 2005.
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