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CFP® Work Experience
CFP Work Experience : about Work Experience
Since a CFP certification shows that a CFP certificant can provide a client with financial planning without the supervision and management of other individuals, FPSB Korea requires CFP certificants to have actual experience in a financial planning field.
01. Work experience standards
More than 3 years of work experience must be satisfied and it may be gained up to 10 years before or up to 5 years after the passing exam date.
02. Definition of work experience
For actual experience required by FPSB Korea for CFP certificants, the definition directly supports duties belonging to the category of work experience assessment process related to providing personal financial services to clients or providing lectures using the CFP or AFPK curriculum. It should correspond to more than one of the steps described in 6-step work experience assessment process
  • Criteria of work experience by business type.
    1. 100% Granted:
      If providing financial planning service directly t by the 6 steps of the financial process to a consumer and if directly responsible for the service provided or supervising/managing it, or if lecturing in financial process related classes as a main business to financial planners , 100% of the worked hours are granted as practical experience.
    2. 75% Granted:
      If indirectly providing a customer or financial planner with information and services directly or indirectly associated with the 6 steps of the financial process, and if responsible for the information provided, 75% of the working hours are granted as practical experience (examples: Operation of a Fund, Development of Commodities, Marketing, Analysis, Support for Sales Business, etc.).
    3. 50% Granted:
      If directly providing a service in association with financial planning or supporting work providing associated information or services, or for indirect associated duties, 50% of working hours are granted as practical experience (examples: EDPS, auditor).
    4. 25% Granted:
      If working for a financial organization as an employee and if involved in the management and operation of the organization, even if there is no relationship with a financial planning service, 25% of working hours are granted as practical experience (examples: Secretary Department, Labor Union).
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CFP Work Experience : about Work Experience CFP Work Experience : 6-step Work Experience Assessment Process