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CFP® Work Experience
CFP Work Experience : 6-step Work Experience Assessment Process
The process of performing financial planning is divided into 6 steps.
01. Establish and define the relationship with the client
This involves explaining the concept or matters related to the process of personal financial planning. The CFP certificant has to specify the services that he/she or the company provides, as well as the range of responsibility of the client and the service provider.
02. Collect the client’s information
Information collection includes consultations or queries from various viewpoints to determine properly the income sources, debts, and expectations of the client. You need to ascertain the client’s investment period and risk acceptance level. You can also receive other appropriate records or documents.
03. Analyze and access the client’s financial status
This step is related to the analysis and assessment of the client’s current asset demands, risk management, investments, tax liabilities, retirement plans, employee benefits, estate details, and other planning necessities.
04. Developing the financial planning recommendations and present them to the client
A financial planning proposal should realize the financial objectives of the client and reflect his/her values, status, and risk acceptance level. This step involves suggesting a proposal for a client and reviewing it with him/her and checking whether this proposal can realize the client’s objectives and expectations. It also includes a process of correcting the proposal, if necessary.
05. Implementing the client’s financial planning recommendations
This step helps the client execute the financial planning proposal and includes cooperative work with an accountant, lawyer, real estate agent, investment consultant, securities dealer, and insurance agency.
06. Review the client’s situation
This involves the observation and review of a client’s change in status and the feasibility of the financial planning proposal. This step also entails consulting on any personal status changes and determining the influence of tax changes as well as performing the work of writing a proposal appropriate for a newly changed status.
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