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CFP® Certification Exam
CFP Certification Exam : Application and Confirmation
01. Internet application
After logging in, you can have receive the exam application. Receipt of the exam application is completed only after the exam fee is paid.
The exam fee can be paid via a Real-time money transfer or Credit card.
In the case of a real-time money transfer, you need to apply for Internet banking to have a licensed certification issued. In the case of payment via a credit card, a safe payment service should be registered with the credit card company.
After submission via the Internet, confimation of your certification exam application can be done after logging in at the FPSB Korea's website.
02. Mail application
After paying the exam fee to the account indicated in the exam application, please send the exam application and a copy of the exam fee payment receipt to the address below via registered mail.
The exam application is effective only if the mailmark is printed on it. FPSB Korea is not responsible for mail lost during delivery.
  • FPSB Korea's address:
    17th floor, Seongji Building, Dohwa-2 dong 538, Mapo-gu,
    Seoul, Korea (121-743)
  1. In the case of partial or full exemption from the education curriculum requirements, submit a copy of the corresponding professional license to FPSB Korea by fax or mail (fax: 82-2-6008-3161).
  2. To check the receipt of the certification exam application after submission by mail, log in at FPSB Korea's website 5 days after mailing.
03. Exam fee
  • Total (Theoretical Type and Practical Type) fee:   220,000 won
  • Partial (Theoretical Type or Practical Type) fee:   110,000 won
  • In the case of an Internet application, payment of the exam fee is done online together with the exam application.
04. Exam admission ticket
Only examinees whose completion of education and valid AFPK certification is confirmed after the receipt of the exam application can print the admission ticket after logging in at FPSB Korea's website.
Information regarding directions to the exam site (outline map included), exam room, examinee's ID number, and materials to bring are described on the admission ticket.
05. Materials to bring
The examinee should enter the exam room 30 minutes before the start of the exam. No examinee without an ID card can take the exam. On the exam date, the examinee is advised to use public transportation.
  1. Exam admission ticket
  2. Personal identification:
    Only a certificate of residence, driver's license, valid passport, public service personnel ID card, issuance certificate for certificate of residence, or foreigner registration card (for foreigners) are accepted.
  3. Calculator:
    HP's 10B, 10B II, 12C, 12C Platinum, 17B II
    Texas Instrument's BA II PLUS, Professional
    or General calculator.
    • The examinee should not use a calculator with a memory function, engineering calculator, etc.
  4. Felt-tipped pen for computer use:
    Your exam may be nullified if you use another pen type when writing on the answer sheet.
  5. Correction tape:
    Liquid type correction fluid cannot be used.
    • Double marks and writing errors are marked as incorrect answers.
06. Other inquiries
If you need help for special needs (health issue, pregnancy), please let us know upon submitting your exam application (submissions via the Internet and mail are possible).
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