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AFPK® Education
AFPK Education : Contents
01. Module composition
Module 1 Introduction to Financial Planning
Professional Ethics for Financial Planners1
Retirement Planning
Real Estate Planning
Estate Planning
Module 2 Risk Management & Insurance Planning
Investment Planning
Tax Planning
  1. Includes the code of ethics and standards regarding work performance, certification marks, sanctions, and certification
02. Educational content and minimum number of educational hours to be completed per subject
Subject Name Course Description
Professional Ethics for Financial Planners Deals with the certification process and content, and the code of ethics and professional responsibility to be observed by working AFPK/CFP certificants
Introduction to Financial Planning Introduces financial planning in general; deals with the history and background of the financial planning system, financial planning process, personal financial statement, personal asset management, consumer trust and personal trust management, and consumer finance
Risk Management & Insurance Planning To prevent a scenario wherein one cannot realize one’s financial objective because one is exposed to unpredictable risk and a failure occurs, this course deals with risk management in general; specifically, it deals with risk and insurance, basics of insurance, insurance-related laws and provisions, premium and insurance products, and insurance taxes
Investment Planning Introduces the knowledge necessary for composing an optimized portfolio that can effectively realize the client’s financial objectives; specifically deals with the economic environment, investment risk and earnings ratios, securities market, stocks, bonds, securities analysis, derivatives, and financial products
Real Estate Planning Introduces knowledge in the area of real estate as necessary for composing an optimized portfolio that can effectively configure the client’s financial objectives; specifically deals with the basics of real estate, its rights and transaction laws, public relations, economy and market, valuations, and operation and management
Retirement Planning Introduces the knowledge necessary for preparing in advance for post-retirement, which makes up the latter half of life; specifically deals with the general principles of retirement planning, public pensions, company pensions, personal pensions, and employee and other benefits
Tax Planning Introduces the general tax system necessary for realizing a financial objective; specifically deals with the general summary of taxes, finance-related taxes, real estate-related taxes, and inheritance & donation taxes
Estate Planning Introduces a general system necessary for effectively transferring the material and immaterial properties accumulated by a person to date to the next generation; specifically deals with inheritance and business succession planning, outlining of an estate, diversification and testament related to inheritance assets, and business succession
  1. At least 80 hours should be assigned to the classroom education. For the classroom education, it is required to meet the minimum time allocation requirements for each subject..
  2. At least 88 hours should be assigned to the distance education.
03. Publication of a new textbook and guide to the exam application period
  • A new textbook is published in late April every year, reflecting the newly amended laws and system practices. The information therein is applied to this year’s September exam and next year’s June exam.
  • The revised content of the textbook is posted at FPSB Korea’s website in late May of each year.
  • A newly amended law or system implementation that is not reflected in the textbook is not presented until the June exam. However, if its contents are considered to be very important to the financial planner’s duties, then the exam questions concerning such changes may appear with a script of the new content presented.
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