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AFPK® Education
AFPK Education : Challenge Status for AFPK Examination
Among the AFPK certification exam candidates, those with professional or other related certifications are exempted from taking all or part of the curriculum.
01. Challenge status for AFPK examination
Licensed Public Accountant exam passers
Lawyer certification exam passers
Tax Accountant certification exam passers
Investment Actuary
Property Appraiser
MS holders in Business Administration
MS holders in Economics
MS holders in Financial Planning
02. Partial exemption from AFPK education course
Certification Particulars of Partial Exemption
from Education
Integrated asset manager
(Korea Life Insurance Association,
Korea General Insurance Association)
Exempt from taking
Module 2 1
Financial asset management
(Korea Securities Dealers’ Association)
Asset manager
(Korea Banking Institute)
Loss adjuster
(Financial Supervisory Service)
Exempt from taking
Risk Management and
Insurance planning
Insurance broker
(Financial Supervisory Service)
Securities analyst
(Korea Securities Dealers’ Association)
Exempt from taking
Investment Planning
Investment professional
(Korea Securities Dealers’ Association,
Asset Management Association of Korea)
Financial risk manager
(Korea Securities Dealers’ Association)
Futures trade consultant
(Korea Futures Association)
Securities investment consultant
(Korea Securities Dealers’ Association)
The Korean real estate broker
(Korea Land Corporation)
Exempt from taking
Real Estate Planning
  1. The module composition should be checked regarding the AFPK Education : Contents
  • Written confirmation from the corresponding institution should be issued within 3 months of the application date. Whether the corresponding person’s certification and academic degree, or successful certification exam results, are effective, and that they are not the objects of disciplinary actions, should be indicated.
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