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AFPK® Certification Renewal
AFPK Certification Renewal : Definition and Inquiry Method
01. Definition of certification renewal
The AFPK certificant should renew his/her AFPK certification every 2 years by fulfilling FPSB Korea’s continuous education requirements and observing the financial planning practice standards. The requirements for renewing one’s AFPK certification include obtaining a specified continuing education credit and taking the Declaration and Agreement for AFPK Certification.
Obtaining a specified continuing education credit plays an important role of continuously maintaining the certification of an AFPK certificant as a professional. Since maintaining professional ability in financial planning areas that change continuously is of the utmost importance, FPSB Korea regards continuing education as one of the AFPK certification renewal requirements. By obtaining the latest information in a financial planning area -- which changes rapidly -- through a continuing education requirement, the AFPK certificant benefits greatly.
Another requirement for renewal -- the Declaration and Agreement for AFPK Certification -- clarifies whether the AFPK certificant has fallen under an unacceptable level of candidate fitness standards and makes him/her agree to observe the high professional standards in the area of financial planning area. Through this, he/she can maintain a high level of AFPK certification, which regards the consumer’s profit as of top-most importance.
The AFPK certification period is 2 years; it should be renewed every 2 years from the maturity of the effective period of certification, and you need to complete a renewal inquiry 1 month before the maturity of the effective period. If you inquire about a renewal after the effective period, you need to obtain a specified continuing education credit as calculated based on the period that elapsed from the maturity of the effective period. In cases in which the elapsed period is less than 1 year, the garnering of an additional credit is deferred.
The renewal notification is given twice: 6 months and 3 months before the expiration date. For AFPK certificants who have not applied for renewal within 1 month before the expiration date, a final renewal notice is given. You can check the maturity date of the effective period at FPSB Korea’s website after logging in.
02. Renewal inquiry method for certification
The following are required when inquiring about an AFPK certification renewal (applying via the Internet and by mail are both possible; when applying via the Internet, fill out the form and pay the license fee at the same time):
Apply via the Internet
  • Guide to submission of photo for issuance of certification card:
    When applying via the Internet, only JPG files can be uploaded.
    The size of the file should be less than 500KB; otherwise, you need to reduce the file size if it exceeds 500KB (JPG file size: 115*150 pixels).

  • Guide to payment of license fee:
    The license fee is 100,000 won, and a real-time money transfer or payment by credit card is possible. In the case of a real-time money transfer, you need to apply for Internet banking to have a licensed certification issued. For payment by credit card, a safe payment service should be registered with the credit card company.
Apply by mail
After paying the license fee to the account indicated in the application form, you are expected to send a payment confirmation copy for the license fee and the completed application form to the address below via registered mail. FPSB Korea is not responsible for mail lost during delivery.
  • Guide to submission of photo for issuance of certification card:
    You are required to submit a 3cm * 4cm photo (the name and Citizen Registration Number should be written on the back of the photo; submitting an image file of a photo is allowed; have the filename as your name followed by the first 6 digits of your Citizen Registration Number; send the photo to
  • Address for submission:
    17th floor, Seongji Building, Dohwa 2-dong 538, Mapo-gu,
    Seoul, Korea (121-743)
    ATTN: Person in charge of AFPK certification, FPSB Korea
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