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AFPK® Certification Renewal
AFPK Certification Renewal : Expiration and Recovery
01. Automated expiration and recovery
If the certification application is not submitted during the effective period of certification, the validity of the AFPK certification expires automatically the day after the maturity date of the effective period. In this case, you cannot use an AFPK mark.
To renew your AFPK certification after its automatic expiration, you should obtain a specified continuous education score in order to apply for AFPK certification renewal with FPSB Korea.
If the automatic expiration period of certification exceeds 1 year, the continuous education score is added according to the period calculated. Thus, the continuous education score required for renewal increases. If the automatic expiration period of certification exceeds 3 years, you need to reapply for an AFPK certification exam.
Inquiry Period for Certification Continuing Education (CE) Requirement Completion Period
More than 1 year ~
less than 3 years
Calculation of period 1 Within the last 2 years
  1. Including 2 credits of code of ethics or practice standards
  • Calculating the period by a ratio of 0.83 credits of continuing education per month (not rounded off to nearest whole number)
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