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CFP® Certification Renewal
CFP Certification Renewal : Code of Ethics
01. Code of ethics and dsiciplinary procedures
FPSB Korea has enacted a code of ethics and code of conduct for observance by certificants in order to enhance their sense of duty and ethical standards and to secure social trust in the financial planner. It also presents a standard of work performance for personal integrated financial planning; thus, certificants should observe these regulations by all means necessary.
These codes of ethics and financial planning practice standards apply to certificants and exam passers who qualify for certification and have the responsibility of observing the code of ethics and professional responsibility based on FPSB Korea’s contracts and other regulations (“person responsible for observing the code of ethics and fulfilling a professional responsibility”). For violations of the code of ethics and professional responsibility, financial planning practice standards, and other regulations of FPSB Korea, the necessary actions are taken against the person concerned in accordance with FPSB Korea’s regulations on disciplinary actions.
A person observing the code of ethics of FPSB Korea should sincerely observe all of its regulations and current provisions, as well as any legally corrected provisions or newly enacted regulations. He/she should participate in reinforcing the code of ethics and fostering professionalism in order to maintain the level of service related to customer protection and financial planning. Finally, he/she should devote himself/herself to fulfilling social expectations and maintaining the trust in certificants based on the code of ethics and sense of duty as a professional.
If you have any disputes regarding the various rules and measures of FPSB Korea, you can file a formal complaint; the handling of a formal complaint follows the regulations on appeals policy and procedures.
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