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CFP® Certification Renewal
CFP Certification Renewal : Continuing Education
01. Guide to a continuing education credit
For the renewal of CFP certification, you will need to obtain a total of 30 credits including 2 credits in ethics during the last 2 years of certification. A continuing education credit is applied at the start of the effective period of certification.
FPSB Korea determines the core topics, a list of subjects that the CFP certificant should know in order to provide financial planning services. If education related to a core topics is completed, certification is aquired, or the certificant successfully lectures or publishes a document, the score is approved.
If more than 1 year has passed after the maturity of the effective period of certification, 1.25 credits are added according to the total number of months. If 3 years have passed, the examinee must take the CFP certification exam again.
Inquiry Period for Certification Continuing Education(CE) Requirement Completion Period
Less than 1 year Actual credits obtained 1  
More than 1 year ~
less than 3 years
Calculation of period 2 Within the last 2 years
  1. Including 2 credits of code of ethics or practice standards
  2. Including 2 credits of code of ethics or practice standards + Need more than 1 credit in ethics for each year
  • Calculate the period by a ratio of 1.25 credits of contining education per month (not rounded off to a specific number of decimal places)
Renewal requirement
  • Apply via the Internet:
    Only when all of the specified continuing education credits are obtained is a renewal inquiry possible.

  • If the renewal requirements are not satisfied within 3 months after the submission of the renewal application, the corresponding application is destroyed, and the license fee paid is refunded. In this case, to renew your CFP certification, you will need to reapply for CFP certification.
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