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Message from the Chairman
The responses to the sudden and urgent problems faced by our nation’s financial industry following the 1997 foreign exchange crisis is ensuring Korea’s competitive power and enabling its continuing growth in a global, homogenized financial market. Toward this end, Korea’s financial companies aspire to enlarge globally through mergers and acquisitions and to hasten their rationalization through regular reorganization. Note, however, that there is a certain limit to how large they can become by a regular restructuring .As the Korean proverb “A company is man himself” suggests, training competitive financial professionals is the shortest way of ensuring competitive power and continued growth.
FPSB Korea is a non-profit organization that introduces and distributes system standards required by the market and its financial consumers, and cultivates financial professionals. Established under the objective of contributing to a fair, reliable financial market, the company performs its tasks with excellence. As such, it has earned the confidence of the financial markets of developed countries, introducing and distributing to Korea the CFP and AFPK certification system approved by FPSB International.
CFP and AFPK certificants are individual financial planners, i.e., financial planners who establish integrated financial plans ensuring that their individual financial customers can manage their life plans effectively. They prioritize a systematic education in investment, insurance, real estate, retirement, estate planning, and tax systems in order to acquire a high level of professional knowledge as well as adhere to rigid ethics rules, with an increased value toward the customer’s financial interests in order to enhance consumer trust. The training of financial professionals who perfectly meet the needs of the market and its financial consumers, and who possess an outstanding ethical mindset, will serve as a fertilizer nourishing the improvement of our financial market’s competitive power and continuing growth.
FPSB Korea refuses to be satisfied with merely the introduction and distribution of its advanced financial education program and contents, instead promoting also the quality and ethical mindset of a financial professional, along with various financial infrastructures that ensure the furthering growth and advancement of our financial culture. Through the training of these financial professionals, FPSB Korea vows to make an all-out effort to ensure that our financial industry can sustain a source of competitiveness amid the intense competition of the world market. I look forward to your continuing interest and encouragement.
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