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01. Fostering CFP® and AFPK® certificants
CFP® and AFPK® certificants should perform the important, challenging task of planning their financial customers’ economic welfare and security. In keeping with international standards, FPSB Korea has adopted strict requisites for CFP and AFPK certification.
If candidates satisfy the 4 requisites adopted by FPSB (Financial Planning Standards Board) Korea, education, exam completion, experience, and ethics, they can acquire CFP and AFPK certification. FPSB Korea selects continuing education requisites and lets successful candidates renew their certification every two years after initially obtaining certification in order that they may continuously maintain their professional ability with a complete understanding of the current economic and social systems as well as changes in regulations related to financial planning.
02. Introduction of the financial planning system and need for CFP and AFPK certification
The need for individual financial planning has been growing since the days of industrialization, urbanization, movement toward the nuclear family, and start of economic crises in the USA in the 1930’s and 1960’s, which set the stage for today’s individual financial planning services. There are many who call themselves individual financial planners; in order to offer an individual financial planning service that can protect the customer’s assets properly, however, a strict certification standard is necessary. Accordingly, FPSB Korea has introduced to Korea the standards established by the USA’s CFP Board and FPSB International for active distribution, and is aggressively promoting the CFP and AFPK certification system, targeting financial companies and consumers.
03. Research and development activities
The economic environment, financial system, and consumer needs are changing rapidly in complicated and diversified ways. FPSB Korea is conducting various research and development activities to foster competent certificants who will continuously offer professional financial services given these environmental changes, and to introduce a planning system befitting an advanced financial market.
04. Educational activities
Based on international standards, FPSB Korea has adopted a curriculum reflecting Korea’s own particular characteristics, ensuring that CFP and AFPK certificants are able to offer reliable individual financial planning services to their consumers. As such, CFP and AFPK certificants boast broad professional knowledge related to investment, insurance, real estate, retirement, inheritance, and tax know-how, offering a high level of individual financial services to their customers.
05. International cooperation
To enhance an international understanding regarding individual financial planning and to establish a standard of consumer protection and development for individual financial planners, FPSB Korea is cooperating with and supporting the activities of FPSB International and the FPSB Council. Through this cooperation, FPSB Korea is leading the field of developed countries when it comes to introducing and distributing excellent financial systems and services.
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