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Press Release
Overcoming Economic Slump with Self-improvement … Now is the Age of 'CFP' Study
19 February 2009
30% of applicants successful
Indispensable factor in securing VIP clients
CFP certification is booming in the insurance business.
To do business with VIP clients, this certificate is essential.
According to an announcement by the Korea Financial Planner Association on the 15th, there were 2,496 applicants to the 14th Certified Financial Planner (CFP) test conducted last December. This is a 4-fold increase over the 584 applicants of the 1st test in 2002.
Among the successful applicants of the 14th test, there were 182 bank employees and 181 workers in the insurance business. Considering the results of the 1st test when there were 62 bank employees and 21 workers in the insurance business, it is obvious that the pass rate in the insurance business has increased drastically.
An FP Association official said "Until last year, bank employees accounted for 50% of the successful applicants because they have more time and better conditions for the test than the insurance planners. However, the successful applicants in the insurance business are steadily increasing, and right now their pass rate is similar to bank employees."
Secondary Financial Industry Develops New Source of Profit…Vigorously Chasing Mainstream Industry
18 February 2009
With the execution of the Capital Market Consolidation Act, savings banks and credit card companies that have been relatively weak in financial business now gain a new opportunity.
So far, savings banks don’t have a particular business model except profits from deposit. However, now they can supply capital and invest aggressively by selling funds, and card companies also can develop other source of profits in addition to card fees and installment financing.
CFP Certificate Becomes Famous in Insurance Business
18 February 2009
[]   Recently, more and more people have tried to obtain certificates to prepare for an unstable future in the aftermath of today’s economic slump.
However, not every certificate is a great advantage.
In these ‘Red Ocean' society, one can’t survive with common certificates. As a result, Certified Financial Planner (CFP), one of the competitive ‘Blue Ocean’ certificates, has gained a lot of attention.
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