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Freguently Asked Questions
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What are the differences between FPSB Korea and KFPA?
Is it possible to use the AFPK®/CFP® logos or introduce myself to the customer as a CFP® and AFPK® certificant after passing the certification examination even if I have yet to obtain the certification?
What can I do if my colleagues or others use the logo even though they are not AFPK- and CFP-certified?
The PDF file does not open. What should I do to view information in PDF format?
My information provided from a certificant search is no longer accurate. How can I make a change?
Where can I download the AFPK and CFP logos?
I lost my certification card. How can I have it re-issued?
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Freguently Asked Questions
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what is AFPK® Certification?
what is CFP® Certification?
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