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CFP® Certification
CFP Certification : Period of Certification
01. Application period for certification
The CFP certification should be acquired within a maximum period of 5 years after passing the CFP certification exam. When applying for CFP certification 12 months after passing the CFP certification exam, the applicant can receive a CFP certification by obtaining a continuing education credit calculated based on the period that elapsed from the date when the exam was passed. A continuings education credits is calculated using a ratio of 1.25 credits of continuing education per month to the number of months that have passed (not rounded off to nearest whole number).
Inquiry Period for Certification Continuing Education(CE) Requirement Completion Period
less than 1 year Actual credits obtained  
More than 1 year ~
less than 5 years
Calculation of period 1 Within the last 2 years
  1. Including 2credits of code of ethics and practice standards.
  • Calculate the period using a ratio of 1.25 credits of continuings education per month (not rounded off to nearest whole number)
  • In case any of the reasons approved by FPSB Korea for not receiving certification occur, including military service, earning of a master’s or doctorate degree, or overseas study, the examinee should satisfy the actual experience requirement within a maximum period of 8 years. If the corresponding professional license or degree related to AFPK certification, or CFP education completion requirement, is suspended or revoked, however, the CFP certification candidate’s qualification is suspended or revoked as well.
02. Effective period of certification
The effective period of CFP certification is 2 years from the certification issuance date. The certification should be renewed before the maturity of the effective period. The certificant whose effective period has matured (expired) cannot use a CFP mark (name card, proposal, etc.), and he/she is no longer regarded as a CFP certificant.
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CFP® Certification
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